About Us

A message from the owners
At Accent, our goal is to be your leading choice for information technology solutions. We strive to provide imaginative staffing solutions, useful software applications and valuable consultation, at a price that delivers the best value. It isn't a stylish business plan, but it demands that we deliver old-fashioned value. There are plenty of trendy, high-profile, high-priced consulting companies who deliver a veneer of results. We aren't one of them.
We target our services in only the areas where we are most knowledgeable, where we know we can succeed. Our objective in every project is to fulfill the customer's needs, with success defined by our customer. We listen, confirm, respond, and deliver. Our offerings work cooperatively--each Accent business area can draw upon the experience, knowledge or skill from another.
Our values can be distilled into integrity, focus, and collaboration. We return your calls; confront tough issues; unravel thorny problems; and deliver for the price we've bid. We're also defined by the business practices we completely reject: run up the tab; say one thing to get the job, then worry about delivery later; create solutions for nonexistent problems, etc.
If you want value with results, we invite you to choose Accent.
Jeff, Dave & Jona

Our core business values
We do our best to convert our business values into daily behaviors by every Accent employee.

Collaborate - Work with the team toward valid, common goals.

Communicate - Listen, then respond. Use all methods available.

Be determined - Quit only after the goal has been met.

Be direct - Thoughtfully speak your mind. No hidden agendas.

Strive for excellence - Produce results beyond expectations.

Focus - Direct efforts where needed.

Use ingenuity - Multiply resources through imagination

Integrity in all things - Walk your talk. No maneuvering.

Optimize - Create simple, appropriate, effective solutions.

Be predictable - Set expectations, then meet them.

Be proactive - Think and plan ahead. Prevent problems.

Respond - Respond ASAP, even when the response involves displeasure.