What is Varasset?
Varasset is a highly configurable, proven software system for utilities. Want to truly understand the status of your assets, forecast your project costs, schedule preventive maintenance and monitor productivity?  You need to combine asset and work management data with billing, mobile data collection, mapping and data analytics.  Varasset does.

Asset Management

  • Poles, lines & other capital assets
  • Transmission facilities
  • Underground facilities
  • Joint use attachments
  • Streetlights & transformers
  • Communication devices
  • Other equipment and assets


Work Management

  • Create work orders and tasks
  • Manage crews, projects, materials and labor & productivity
  • Construction cost tracking & forecasting
  • Mobile work, inspections & data collection
  • Preventive maintenance & corrections
  • Automated workflows, notifications & alerts


Specialty Billing

  • Utility pole joint use contracts, rates & permits
  • Attachment invoicing & data reconciliation
  • Invoicing and AP for capital work projects & contractors


Data Analytics & Visualization
Varasset’s integrated mapping, data analysis and reporting tools make it quick and easy to interpret productivity, forecast and support strategic management decision-making.

  • Configurable reports, graphical dashboards, notifications & alerts
  • Easy-to-use query builder
  • Built-in geographic mapping & visualization

What makes Varasset different?
Proven – Varasset is implemented in power utilities, cable and telco companies of all sizes.  Our largest customer has over 15,000 Varasset users.  Our customers are active and very satisfied. 

Configurable – Varasset is extremely configurable, well-architected software, extensible and scalable to large or small organizations.  Varasset’s metabase architecture deploys all changes automatically and quickly, reducing dependence on IT staff and making your implementation and upgrades simple and fast.

Integrated – All your asset, work, field, billing, mapping and notification data are all connected, enabling true business intelligence analysis.  Varasset’s API interfaces with your GIS, financial and other databases.  

Streamlined –  Automated, rule-driven workflows and notifications simplify your processes and save time.

Secure – Varasset keeps your data safe in today’s high-risk IT environment.  Be secure with Varasset’s configurable, role-based user security, encryption and full audit history.

Well supported – Varasset is developed and supported by Accent’s internal, U.S. based consultants and support staff, all of whom have extensive utility experience.  We do not outsource, so we are personally committed to your project’s success.


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